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Eva Flint

Eva is a well known writer and Editor. She writes breaking news related to Design and Sports. She writes books, poems etc. She lives in Chicago. Now she is works as a editor on News Hats.

Email: eva@newshats.com

Jack David

Jack working in the Klondike, London returned home and began publishing stories. His novels, including The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Martin Eden, placed London among the most popular american authors of his time.

Email: jack@newshats.com

Olivia Curtis

Olivia is most will known for her stories. She writes stories as well as news related to Technology. She wrote number of book in her 3 years of career. She was more experience in online news writing. she is works as a writer on newshats.com.

Email: olivia@newshats.com

Nick Sloan

Nick  is a writer best known for his science fiction, but over the course of his life he published more than twenty books of fiction and non-fiction, including children's books, poetry, short stories, essays, and young-adult fiction.

Email: nick@newshats.com

Jonathan White

Jonathan White live in London, finchley. He was born in Sierra Leone and moved over here at the age of 7. He graduated in creative writing and web design and he has been working on News Hats as author.

Email: jonathan@newshats.com